Saturday, October 31, 2009


Phenakite rough stones

These stones are from this new mine in Nigeria. The mine has been open since November 2008, so it is just under a year old. I am the US destributer for this Phenakite and can get the stones mine direct, from
 Salistone Ventures

I have many single pieces listed for sale (see photo album in my Matt Dunkle facebook- I will add you as friend!)
from the mine in Nigeria.  Currently on Hand.

If you are interested in Phenakite rough stones, kilos or more information, please check out our gemstonesbydsign site link.

"This is the most beautiful Clear stone I have ever cut; Very nice clear white stone." Matt Dunkle

These stones are Rare. They are Awesomely
Crystalized Faced Stones!

Usually only found in a Rare Gemstone Collection!

They are Bright, Clear stones, good hardness and very durable.

These Rough Phenakite are selling for
     $20.00 USA per gram.

Most of these stones are well over 10 grams.

For more information on these Phenakite Facet
Grade Rough or  Specimens :
     Matt Dunkle

Thank you for your interest!

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  1. All Stones above are no longer with CGCC. Thank you for your interest. Please contact John Dare Akinniyi on FB @