Friday, October 9, 2009


ARRIVING SOON Rough Stones: Amethist, Phenakite Kelos, Tourmaline & Garnet, Goshenite & Aquamarine & other Beryls. We will keep you informed on arrival of the above mined materials! -Matt & Akinniyi

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  1. Also Just in with Carver2Carver LLC.
    Orange Kyanite Rare Stones!!
    IF-SI in clarity, Check in with Sean ...

    The longest piece i have is 70mm long, widest piece is 12mm wide,the heaviest piece weighs 11 grams & is 55cts.

    They mine 6 kilos a day of the Kyanite and gather for me all the clean above 3 carats in size and in that time only 1878 carats of it was clean... 6 kilos a day x 21 days is a lot to filter through. As you can imagine!

    any clean found over 1gram in weight is considered rare!

    This is the better of the "best stock" when it arrives. It has already been presorted & I receive the highest quality kyanite that will surface for this orange stone.