Saturday, June 23, 2012

I'm seeing Vintage Style

Marilynn Style in Satin
Lately, I'm seeing Vintage Style 1930~1950's Hollywood.
I just was looking at some recent photos of the
'Cat Walk', Oscars, Academy Awards, Bride's Magazine and what I saw was very glamorous.

The hair styles are appearing with soft curls, off center or side parts, sleek bobs. The gowns are soft colors, draping &  swooping necklines.

 Simple jewelry in diamonds, rings in large colored gemstones, earrings in drops, small hoops, and solitaires. Even our men are getting into this sleek glamorous style with double breasted jackets and satin collars; tux styles.

YemmyMade Sets
For daytime, I'm seeing different styles. Large chunky, all colors, fun. Like this chunky Turquoise & Tiger Skin Jasper Necklace & Bracelet Set by YemmyMade~

Project Accessory

Design is definitely in style. And the hair (head band) pieces are large with wired beads, chunky metals, feathers, bows and flowers!  Jewelry is also sporting flowers, buds & leaves like these beautiful sets from

Green Aventurine Necklace

And Hats! I love hats and wow are they making a come back. I've seen hats everywhere from day events to luncheons, weddings to evening shows, and let's not forget the Royal Family. From the Prince & Princess to the Queens 60th Diamond Jubilee! Hats for each occasion and if not a hat, a clip of decadent decoration. And I for one am glad they are back and in style.
Article by CJD

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Resort Fashion Trends 2013

2013 Resort Trends-Vacation Fashion

2013 Resort Trends-Vacation Fashion

Published On: 06-15-2012 09:01pm
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Resort 2013 Trends

Classic Eighties WAYFARER Style Vintage Fashion Sunglasses - ALL COLORS
BCBG Max Azria Resort 2013
Fashion is always planning ahead, so this next year, Resort is in full effect and although it doesn’t make the headlines like fall and spring collections there is still reason to check out the trends for inspiration.  Here are a few trends that have stood outFREE PEOPLE NEW TIMES VOILE RAINFOREST DRESS  Womens  Clothing  Dresses |
BILLABONG LOVE ME UP PONCHO > Womens > Clothing > Sweaters | Swell.comGoMax Ares 09 Brown Braided Thong Sandals
Caftans and Tunics:
 The entire style is gorgeous and looks comfortable, effortless and chic.  They are the perfect pieces to pack on your vacations/getaways for items that have a tribal design.
Color Trend, White:
White is on every runway.  It’s a classic color for resort collections that will never go away.  A new trend to try that was to put together an entire look with a variation of white hues.  It looks really beautiful.
3312Allegra K Women Faux Pearl Decor Scoop Neck Sleeveless Mini Dress Beige XS
10 x 8mm Mexican Bytownite, AAA, 3.44 cts cut in China.
Safari Style:
Another regular trend we see every resort, but still good to take note and see what type of changes are being made to make the style new.
NOT RATED CONQUER SANDAL > Womens > Footwear > View All Footwear | Swell.comGENTLEFAWN SANTA FE BAG > Womens > Accessories > Bags | Swell.comSilk scarf gold brown repurposed Indian batik saree by Patchtique

There seemed to be a variety of ladylike sundresses available on many of the runways.  There might have been a variety of prints and colors used, but they still had the ladylike factor that stood out.  Many of the designers referencing styles from the 50′s and 60′s which falls right in line for YemmyMade Accessories that lean towards 50's-60's Fashion Jewelry and Tribal or African Fashion Jewelry. New Jewelry here on CustomGemCutterCreations; some featured in this article.
Oasis Mother and Daughter Dangle Pearl Earringspurple haze tea dress by sohomode on Etsy
The new pant suit:
The transformed pant suit is a cropped trouser and a longer jacket either single, or double breasted.
Allegra K Lady Shawl Collar Long Sleeve Hook Closure Blazer Jacket WhiteFlowery Somon Cotton Scarf With Fringed by mediterraneanlightsSafari - Polyvore
clothing from 'My Closet' on Wanelo

Friday, June 15, 2012

YemmyMade is For YOU!

YemmyMade Accessories "Go Out On The Town" in the Big Apple!

Here Sisema wears a YemmyMade Necklace in African Tribal Colored Beads.

And Here YemmyMade "Strides" into the Business Meeting in 'Style'!
Sisema is showing off YemmyMade with  Sophisticated Business Attire!

This piece is so versatile that is goes from Day to Night with just a change of the jacket.  Just what you want in an accessory; versatility, class and style! Thanks YemmyMade for another "All-In-One" Jewelry Creation! Post by CJD.

Monday, June 11, 2012

"Famous Jewelry Designers are Faux!"

What are my thoughts today?
Well, this is a hot and touchy topic that I have been thinking about.
I'll call this topic....
"Famous Jewelry Designers are Faux!"

I know, I know, there is no way! Yeah right, that is what I thought, then I looked up some new designs by some of our favorite mentor Jewelry Designers. What I found was the real deal going dud and faux. And these new 'creations' , for the same prices we purchased before the crunch in the real deal, top notch, glamor glitz, are in fact plated and plastic/resin...*P..P..*

So, my point, you ask??
   Here is my point and a pet peeve also. I work just as hard, create with real, true gemstones, true metals, and can't get buyers to purchase my jewelry.  Then on the flip of the coin, there are the mentor Famous Jewelry Designers using resin and faux or plated metals and charging the same as their designer 'real' pieces.

   What is the bottom line? We are paying for the name of our jewelry and not on it's quality? We are willing to throw out the natural for the faux? We want the price to be high because we know we are getting a 'high quality' piece of jewelry? What are we as customers, jewelry designers, and artisans saying?

     My close to home, case in point is my Neice. She goes out to a 'store' (don't know the name, really!) And finds this "gorgeous bracelet that you should make and sell"! Let me describe it...
Great colors of greens and blues with silver beads all bangled in three connected strands by elastic. These beads are edge sharp (not sanded smooth on all edges), they have good overall color being plastic/resin. The silver tone beads look good and shiny (but won't hold the shine) for now. And lets look at the over all price for this/these bracelets. $40.00, yes I said $40.00.  I immediately say to her, "I can make that for you for the same price and it will be real materials; gemstone beads, wire and silver"! She then went on to say, "no thanks, I like what I bought."

     I certainly can't compete for this price for low standard materials and elastic! How could I. People are not buying my stuff now. How do I get them to buy real, quality, hand crafted, labored and loved pieces that I create myself if I can't even convince a family member of this?

    So, I'm here bantering on my blog just to get this off my chest. Does it make me feel better?no. Is it therapeutic?not immediately. Am I looking for answers? Y0u bet!!
   Comments are always welcome!

Blessings, CJ

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Summer Days included Our Peachy Orange Agate Pearl Pendant in this Collection!