Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pendants for Fall

Gemstones by D.Sign Presents 
New Pendants for Fall!

We have new pendants just finished for the Fall Season!
Jasper Squares Hematite & Steling
Many styles & colors hand-crafted with Natural Materials.

As Fall is a time for reflection, our artist focused on the 
Simplicity and Beauty of Natural Gemstones.  
Join us in celebrating the natural gifts given to us during this time of Reflection & Thanksgiving. 

 We would like to Thank God, Our Families & Friends who have touched our lives.  And memories of love for those we have lost, but who will remain forever in our hearts.  
Prayers of Thanksgiving go out to you all. Thank You!

Before Transformation
During Transformation
After Transformation!

Gemstones by D.Sign   
Matt Dunkle Professional Gemstone Facetor
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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Zircons & Aquamarine

We have been working on getting some nice Zircon in Champaine, Golden Brown and Brown. They have good color and are of good quality. More on this as we progress.

Matt has cut two Brazilian Beauties this spring. These are a 9.8ct Aquamarine cut in a Rectangular Checker Board Top and a 9ct Aquamarine cut in a Rectangular Checker Board Top with a small diamond shaped table. The color of the Aquamarine is a more "Sea Green-Blue" color. We feel the color leans more toward the very light Emerald color. These are both up for sale. Ck the Showroom. http://customgemcutter.com/

We have also been working with an African company on their Aquamarines. The Aquamarine that is now coming from Nigeria is clean and a deeper "Sea Blue-Green" color. This is a great color coming out of Nigeria. New shipment coming soon!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Hi Everyone,

We have made some new changes in our websites and pages.

Not all change is bad. Actually, these changes are to help you navigate our sites. So, as we head into Spring, we here at Gemstones by D.Sign and Custom Gem Cutter are taking on a new look. Like trying on new shoes, they may look good but may not be comfortable, so, if you are inclined to do so, please fill out our guestbook and comment. Let us know how your navigation went, if the colors are pleasing, is the layout functional to your needs... do you like it or not? you know the rest.

Our sites:



As always, Thank you for your time and support! Matt & CJ

Saturday, February 13, 2010

"Nick Kreager" Our New On the Scene Reporter!

Our On The Scene Reporter, Nicholas Kreager, will
be returning shortly from "The Tucson Gem &
Mineral Shows" Tucson, AZ.  He will have some
interesting News, Finds, Links, Photos & Comments.

So, Please Check in and see what Nick has to say!
CJ mgr Gemstones by D.Sign

http://customgemcutter.com Our CO-OP of Cutters

Thank you for your Patience!

Our Custom Gem Cutter website has been down for nearly a week. NOW we have done the changes and it is back up and running!

We want to thank you for your patience in this endeavor and are sorry for an inconvience you may have had while we were down.

Our Customers mean very much to us and if you have any suggestions, please fill out the Contact US form! If you would like to have a copy of our Seasonal Newsletter, then just fill out the Guest Book and note "newsletter" in the box provided.

We hope that you are all healthy, happy, and in good spirits.

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