Sunday, July 11, 2010

Zircons & Aquamarine

We have been working on getting some nice Zircon in Champaine, Golden Brown and Brown. They have good color and are of good quality. More on this as we progress.

Matt has cut two Brazilian Beauties this spring. These are a 9.8ct Aquamarine cut in a Rectangular Checker Board Top and a 9ct Aquamarine cut in a Rectangular Checker Board Top with a small diamond shaped table. The color of the Aquamarine is a more "Sea Green-Blue" color. We feel the color leans more toward the very light Emerald color. These are both up for sale. Ck the Showroom.

We have also been working with an African company on their Aquamarines. The Aquamarine that is now coming from Nigeria is clean and a deeper "Sea Blue-Green" color. This is a great color coming out of Nigeria. New shipment coming soon!!

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