Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Fun Blog about our Gem Stone Animals

SaMi 2 yrs, posing in light box

We have a kitten, SaMi, who loves gemstones. When he was just weeks old, Matt placed SaMi behind the facting machine, on the table while he worked cutting gemstones. As SaMi grew, he sometimes reach out with his paw onto the spinning wet lap and then flick water at Matt.

SaMi guarding the Mouse!

Baby SaMi & Baby Maci our Grand Daughter.in SaMi's Travel House
He started sitting on the stones we were photographing, and would literally "steal" for himself, stones left overnight on the table. SaMi also likes Matt's loope; the little magnifying tool that is used for looking at gemstones & diamonds. And nightly, SaMi steals the loope for himself right off Matt's work desk.
So to add to our blog, we wanted to share this light story with you!
Enjoy and Blessings,
Matt & CJ
 SaMi & Raider
Rauder & Baby Maci Then
Raider & Maci  NOW! 2014