September Sexy Sapphires

What is more September than Sapphires? 

The Birthstone of the  later  part of

Virgo (Aug’23-Sept’ 22)

and the early part of

Libra (Sept’ 23-October 22)

Wensa Blue Sapphires

faceted by Matt A. Dunkle

Gift for Christmas?

The Sapphire is a Precious Gemstone. It is a gem of many colors and shades of color. It is the second hardest gem just under the diamond.

Sapphire has been found all over the world. And it has been used for centuries as a stone for energy by metaphysical healers from Asia to America.

Birthday gift to have set in pendant or ring?

Sapphire Gemstone Meaning is symbolize the sky that refer to universal energy.  As a classic divine blue stone, blue sapphire stone meaning is always associated with wisdom, spirituality and dignity. Planets: Saturn, Venus. 

 Does He or She like Blue Gems?  This particular Wensa Sapphire, from Wensa, Africa, is precision faceted in an Emerald cut to show off the long facets in this gorgeous stone. The large window (table or top) opens the stone up to the Flawless inside. The facets are perfect and highly polished for an exceptional collectors gemstone or have it set in a favorite setting.
Blue Sapphire in Cornflower Blue Color

Precision Faceted by Matt A. Dunkle
 General Properties of Blue Sapphire Gemstone by
posted on Sept 2nd, 2014, stated the following:  "Planet : Saturn ,Cosmic Color : Violet, Sign : Capricorn, Element : Air, Time : Sunset, Day : Saturday"  (ck link for full notations)
Oval Wensa Blue Sapphire

September is also the end of the Summer Solstice and the month of the longest day of the year.
" Summer begins each year on the day of the summer solstice, which is on or near June 21 and ends each year on the day of the autumnal equinox, which is on or near September 22." from

Or are you an Oval Sapphire Connoisseur in Deep Blue? 
 Whether you are the Sapphire Lover or just the admirer of this wonderful Gemstone, we have Sapphires for you in all shapes and sizes!
Precision Faceted by Custom Gem Cutter

 Enjoy this September Month to it's fullest.
Check your local town/county/city for festivals,
fairs, farmers markets & fun activities!

And please let us know if there is anything we can help you with in finding the perfect stone, Sapphire or other Colored Gemstone, for your needs. We are here to help! 
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Blessings to All of you!
Happy Birthday to all Our September Babies!!
CJD.Sign & MD.

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