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Published On: 06-1-2012 03:39am
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Inner Shop Announcement
Welcome and thank you for shopping with us at Custom Gem Cutter Creations! Our company has been a trusted source for quality, handmade jewelry and expert advice for more than 5 years. Operated by Matt A. Dunkle of Aztec, New Mexico, USA.We've partnered with India Artisans from Gems n Jewels of Jaipur to bring you quality merchandise at a very affordable price.

Many of our items are in stock and available for immediate delivery. We're able to bring you many more items, Custom Orders, in just 26-30 Days. Depends of shipping locations.
 ABOUT OUR ARTISANS: Located in Jaipur, India,(Gems n Jewels of Jaipur) and Located in Nigeria, Africa (Masco Gems LTD, Nigeria/USA). Our artisans are some of the best at what they do. What makes our relationship so special is our artisans are independent workers that hand makes each one of your items. This allows each one of our partners a fair wage and higher standard of living, instead of low-paid and substandard factory working conditions.
 We have just received beautiful artisan jewelry pieces to photo and display for custom orders directly from "The Gem City" of Jaipur, India.  This sample parcel has arrived from our Partner in India, Gems n Jewels of Jaipur. The gemstones in each of the pieces can be custom requested as per your choice of available gemstones. Your Favorite Birthstone can be designed in this for a Personalized Custom Jewelery Piece! Our Jaipur Jewelry Designer, "Sandeep Kumar", has been in Jewelry and Fashion Industry for the past 5 years. We welcome him to our Partner Family!

We are NOW receiving stock of faceted Aquamarine deep blue! This is coming from our Partners in Africa, Masco Gems LTD, Nigeria/USA  We will be carrying cut gemstones and rough gemstones in the USA.
And our New York Jewelry Designer, "Yemmy Made", who will be featuring many of these gems in her jewelry.  We welcome them to our Partner Family!

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE We offer a 100% satisfaction return policy.


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