Monday, June 11, 2012

"Famous Jewelry Designers are Faux!"

What are my thoughts today?
Well, this is a hot and touchy topic that I have been thinking about.
I'll call this topic....
"Famous Jewelry Designers are Faux!"

I know, I know, there is no way! Yeah right, that is what I thought, then I looked up some new designs by some of our favorite mentor Jewelry Designers. What I found was the real deal going dud and faux. And these new 'creations' , for the same prices we purchased before the crunch in the real deal, top notch, glamor glitz, are in fact plated and plastic/resin...*P..P..*

So, my point, you ask??
   Here is my point and a pet peeve also. I work just as hard, create with real, true gemstones, true metals, and can't get buyers to purchase my jewelry.  Then on the flip of the coin, there are the mentor Famous Jewelry Designers using resin and faux or plated metals and charging the same as their designer 'real' pieces.

   What is the bottom line? We are paying for the name of our jewelry and not on it's quality? We are willing to throw out the natural for the faux? We want the price to be high because we know we are getting a 'high quality' piece of jewelry? What are we as customers, jewelry designers, and artisans saying?

     My close to home, case in point is my Neice. She goes out to a 'store' (don't know the name, really!) And finds this "gorgeous bracelet that you should make and sell"! Let me describe it...
Great colors of greens and blues with silver beads all bangled in three connected strands by elastic. These beads are edge sharp (not sanded smooth on all edges), they have good overall color being plastic/resin. The silver tone beads look good and shiny (but won't hold the shine) for now. And lets look at the over all price for this/these bracelets. $40.00, yes I said $40.00.  I immediately say to her, "I can make that for you for the same price and it will be real materials; gemstone beads, wire and silver"! She then went on to say, "no thanks, I like what I bought."

     I certainly can't compete for this price for low standard materials and elastic! How could I. People are not buying my stuff now. How do I get them to buy real, quality, hand crafted, labored and loved pieces that I create myself if I can't even convince a family member of this?

    So, I'm here bantering on my blog just to get this off my chest. Does it make me feel better?no. Is it therapeutic?not immediately. Am I looking for answers? Y0u bet!!
   Comments are always welcome!

Blessings, CJ

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