Saturday, June 23, 2012

I'm seeing Vintage Style

Marilynn Style in Satin
Lately, I'm seeing Vintage Style 1930~1950's Hollywood.
I just was looking at some recent photos of the
'Cat Walk', Oscars, Academy Awards, Bride's Magazine and what I saw was very glamorous.

The hair styles are appearing with soft curls, off center or side parts, sleek bobs. The gowns are soft colors, draping &  swooping necklines.

 Simple jewelry in diamonds, rings in large colored gemstones, earrings in drops, small hoops, and solitaires. Even our men are getting into this sleek glamorous style with double breasted jackets and satin collars; tux styles.

YemmyMade Sets
For daytime, I'm seeing different styles. Large chunky, all colors, fun. Like this chunky Turquoise & Tiger Skin Jasper Necklace & Bracelet Set by YemmyMade~

Project Accessory

Design is definitely in style. And the hair (head band) pieces are large with wired beads, chunky metals, feathers, bows and flowers!  Jewelry is also sporting flowers, buds & leaves like these beautiful sets from

Green Aventurine Necklace

And Hats! I love hats and wow are they making a come back. I've seen hats everywhere from day events to luncheons, weddings to evening shows, and let's not forget the Royal Family. From the Prince & Princess to the Queens 60th Diamond Jubilee! Hats for each occasion and if not a hat, a clip of decadent decoration. And I for one am glad they are back and in style.
Article by CJD

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