Friday, November 20, 2009

Okuta-Didan Phenakite - Rare Specimens

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  1. News just in from the Phenakite Mine in Nigeria. I have mentioned Phenakite recently in many posts and on our sites. Jeffery Hunt sent three pieces of it off to Barbra Voltaire for an initial ID, she suggested sending it on to AGTA for testing. It’s unique looking material, it’s the real thing. Thank You Jeff & Barbra!!
    A one kilo parcel was sent to me from a new Nigerian mining company.The parcel is 80%-90% clean, with the clean pieces very clean. This is remarkably clean material! The peachy color is rusty sand deposits from the mine it comes from. This material is on the surface and cuts off nicely, revealing the clear crystal inside.
    These stones are from this new mine in Nigeria. The mine has been open since November 2008, so it is just a year old. I am the World Wide Destributer for Okuta-Didan Phenakite and can get the stones mine direct.
    I have many single pieces listed for sale (see photo album in Matt Dunkle facebook) as well as more coming from the mine in Nigeria.
    If you are interested in Phenakite rough stones, kilos or more information, and also please check out our gemstonesbydsign site link.
    This is the most beautiful Clear stone I have ever cut; next to Diamond!