Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Deleted Webasyst Shopping Cart still shows open??? Customer Announcement

***Customer Announcement***
We have not been able to access or use or delete account since 2011. The Webasyst Company closed the old accounts and they are no longer active.
However, we are still associated with webasyst even though we closed them in 2011. Please do not use any shopping cart on Webasyst. - Matt Dunkle
Here is the note sent to Webasyst, again, today @ 1:20pm, 1/15/2014

"CJ - performs action Comment
We have had customers who have seen these sites and the products and prices that are no longer available. These accounts need to be closed.
Custom Gem Cutter & Gemstones by D.Sign
Thank you.
Today 14:34 Please delete these sites!!! CustomGemCutter and GemstonesByD.Sign.

We have been trying for over three years now to remove these but were unable to because we were not able to get into the account online until now.But that is only to a general accounts information and settings, not the actual sites to edit or remove. Apparently there is no link to "Account" any longer due to the delinquency of the account and request to delete these back in 2011. That is fine. DELETE THIS ENTIRE ACCOUNT - including all associated websites/URLs, etc.
These sites are disrupting our business.

Thank you for you help and attention to this matter.

Matt Dunkle
Custom Gem Cutter
We, Matt & CJ apologize for any inconvinence this may have caused you. Believe us, it is so frustrating not to be able to simply delete these accounts. Several attempts have been made to delete these accounts to no avail. We are working on a new system that will be integrated into our current website, however, this will take time to implement this new shopping cart. In the mean time, if you would like more information or would like to make a purchase, please contact Matt A. Dunkle and we will be able to give you the customer support you need.
Thanks for your time!
Matt & CJ

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