Friday, April 20, 2012

New Gems and Rough Stones Arrived at Masco Gems Ltd. USA

New Gems and Rough Stones 

We have just received New Faceted Stock!

Amethyst Faceted Gemstones  Lot# 412001

  Amethyst Lovers Dream Lot!

These are Excellent Color, Excellent Shaped Oval Faceted Amethyst Gemstones!

There are 21 Faceted Ovals in this Lot! Beautiful Rich Color!

Email for Pricing:

Cat's Eye Cabochon Gemstones  Lot# 412002

Email for Pricing:


Outstanding Cat's Eye Cabochon Gems lot of 3 Cabochon Gems.

 Each Cat's Eye is prominent in each cut Cabochon. High Glossy Polish adds to these Beautiful Gems!



Opal Cabochon Gemstones  Lot# 412003

Email for Pricing:

Email for Pricing:

These are Awesome  Welo Opal Cabochons! These each have unique color patterning and unique bright colors.

Each has bright color flashes of greens, blues, yellow, orange, red, purple & pinks!




Ruby Cabochons in a lot of similar sizes and shapes! Electrifying Hot Color!

The Ruby are in a lot of cabochon gemstones.

Ruby Cabochon Gemstones  Lot# 412004


 Tiger Eye Cabochon Gemstones  Lot# 4120005

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 These Awesome Tiger Eye Cabochon with 9 stones in this lot. Perfect Cabs for Rings, Earrings, Pendants, and combined for a Beautiful Necklace Piece!

These Nine Gems are in a varied lot of sizes and Ovals & Rounds.

Mixed Faceted Sapphire Gemstones  Lot# 412006

Email for Pricing:
 Or These Sapphires may be Individually Priced Gems For Sale.
2 Square Violet Denim Blue Sapphires

Tangerine Tango 2012 Color of the Year
 Contact for Pricing & Information on this parcel of stones.

Blue Sapphires

Christmas Green, Baby Pink, Hot Pink Sapphires
Sapphire Ovals in Many Sizes! 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pungent Purple,Amazing Cat's Eye Gems,Beatiful Tiger Eye Cabs, Strikingly Gorgeous Sapphires


Please PM/IM/Email for Pricing! These Gems are being sold by the lot, although the Sapphire Parcel can be sold by the piece.
These are exceptional gemstones, coming out of Africa, and brought to you from Masco Gems Ltd. USA for faster shipping. Masco Gems Ltd. USA, Aztec, New Mexico.  
Phone # 1 5o5 334 1875
Email: (Masco Gems Ltd.,USA Director/Distributor)
FaceBook:  (Communications Specialist)

Thank you for your time. Please contact us for any questions you may have and more information and pricing.

Blessings,  Matt and CJ Dunkle

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