Monday, April 9, 2012

About Torches...Great article! by Tammy of Jewelry Making Daily

.April 6, 2012.

Micro Torches 101, Part 1: The Which, What, and Why of Butane Torches by Kate Richbourg

Please accept my apology. I have pulled this article from my blog by request of  Interweave/Jewelry Making Daily due to copy right infringement.
But here is their site for a Free Torch Tutorial that is very interesting.   
Sorry readers. I have been blocked, so I can't even show you the links.
Redirecting your information.

Blessings, Constance


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  2. Thank you Jeff Hardy for your kind response, however, I have had to pull this article. And your response did not go with this new article redirection. Thanks for your understanding. Blessings, Gemstones by D.Signs