Friday, March 9, 2012

Sarah Ortega's Bird Nest Necklace Tutorial

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I found this awesome tutorial for making Bird Nest Necklace.

Sarah's instructions were very clean and very easy. I will be making some of these fun necklaces soon! CJ
Here is my Birds Nest Necklace for my Granddaughter, Maci for Easter
 This is a great tutorial! Enjoy and make a Birds Nest Necklace for your Someone Special!
Blessings, CJ

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  1. This is an awesome tutorial by Sarah Ortega called "Bird Nest Necklace Tutorial". Please all you crafters, jewelry artisans, and Newbies, too, Check out this easy and fast project. Be creative, use different materials, and post to this posting all your cool project "Bird Nest Necklaces" so we can SHARE!! Here is the one I just made for my Granddaughter for Easter...The pink beads look like bunny ears, which I had fun with in the photo with pink glass beads & pearls! Enjoy and participate! This is so FUN! Hugs & Blessings, CJ