Sunday, March 18, 2012

MJM Jewelers, Farmington, New Mexico, USA

MJM Jewelers, Farmington, New Mexico, USA  has accepted our Artisan Handmade Jewelry!

Matt has been working with MJM Jewelers for 2 1/2 years as a Gemstone Cutter, and NOW our jewelry has now been selected to be showcased in their jewelry store.
They have selected:
Wire Wrapped pieces from John Johnson of "FEESBAY.COM"
Wire Wrapped & Beaded Jewelry, Pearl & Gemstones, from CJ of "Gemstones by D.Sign"
Kundan Meena Jewelry from Sandeep of "Gems n Jewels of Jaipur"

We are very happy to be represented by MJM Jewelers! Please stop in an see them when you are in Farmington, New Mexico! They are West of the Animas Mall in Farmington!

Check out our Shopping Cart for more Designer Jewelry on SALE!
We also have Matt A.Dunkle's Faceted Gemstones and Gemstone Rough!
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