Monday, October 6, 2014

Pearls, pearls, pearls!!!

 The pearl is not normally thought of as a "gemstone", however, it is an Organic Gemstone and can be both precious and costly!
The pearl is one of my favorite gemstones, organic gemstone.
White Potato Freshwater Pearls
Freshwater Pearls
Pearl Strand from
"Pearls are a natural material that are formed when an irritant finds its way into a living oyster. The oyster protects itself by coating this intruder with a secretion called nacre. This is, in fact, the same material the oyster uses to grow its shell. The irritant becomes trapped within the coating, and over time, becomes what we call a pearl. When pearls are stored in very hot, very dry conditions, the moisture evaporates out of the nacre, causing the pearl to lose its luster/shine, change and dull its color, and the outer covering of the nacre will crack. Sadly, there really is no easy way to restore a damaged pearl. The best storage for pearls is in silk where air can circulate and pearls can “breathe.” You can read more about this organic gemstone in the article, For the Love of Pearls."  by Dale “Cougar” Armstrong.LINK   
For the Love of Pearls    a good article for information and reference of pearls.
Earth and Water Pendant

Earth & Water Pendant  by CJD.Sign
This fun pendant combines natural materials of Baroque Pearls, Volcano stone, and copper.
The pendant is approximately 2 inches The wire work is one continual piece of copper wire.

Gemstone Info:
Freshwater Cultured Baroque Pearls
Other Material: Volcanic Rock and Copper wire, handmade One of a Kind

Price: $45.00USD  Link to purchase

Pearls have a been around for centuries. The pearl was prized by the Romans and Egyptians as their favorite gemstone. And was sought to be just for the rich and privileged of people. But today, pearls are harvested and therefore cheaper to come by. Not that they are cheap by any means, just more affordable. Pearls were a sign of Royalty and Wealth and Power.
"Before the creation of cultured pearls in the early 1900s, natural pearls were so rare and expensive that they were reserved almost exclusively for the noble and very rich." by NOVA Link
Pearls don't go out of fashion and they are the symbol of wealth.
 This piece of Tangerine & Peach Agate is wire wrapped in Brass to pull out the amazing colors in this piece. Wrapped with 6 Rose Pearls and 5 Aventurine beads to enhance this piece, handmade original

Price: $58.00USD

Double Baroque Button FW Pearls on Sterling Silver $40.00USD

 Link to Purchase

"Mother & Daughter" MOP Donuts & Potato FW Pearls on Sterling Silver LINK to Purchase

Double Baroque FW Pearls & Moonstone on Sterling Silver LINK
 Double Baroque Button FW Pearls sandwiching 4 pink Rice Pearls on Sterling Silver
Earrings LINK
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Pearl Earrings!!
And I have seven pair of beautiful Fresh Water Pearls featured here in this article that are currently for sale.
Mother & Twins Earrings

"Mother & Twins" Double Pearl Donut Earrings
152220 Double Pearl Donut Earrings in taupe, white & silver, 1pr.,1.5in, Fresh Water Baroque Button Pearls & MOP Donut Beads.

LINK for purchase
Double Pearl Donut Earrings MOP SS

 And Coco Chanel knew pearls!

Hope you enjoyed this blog on Pearls. My Absolute Favorite!! And thanks for looking at my Jewelry Designs!
Blessings,  CJD.Sign

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