Sunday, June 22, 2014

Man Cave


available on ebooks for $2.99.

 LC Cooper's Novel  Man Cave is a brilliant fictional work of survival and revenge.
Not a typical Man Cave story, however, I have learned from LC Cooper that everyone's "Man Cave" is different and has different uses.
Leave it to LC to create a riveting page turner that left me yearning for more. A true survival story set in the beautiful theater of nature that is both healing and forgiving.
In the author's notes, LC Cooper informs the reader that this is written in first person and as a man. A challenge LC triumphed through in beaming colors!
Enjoy this inviting, creepy, dramatic, revengeful page turner.  Man Cave is a MUST READ!

Man Cave can be purchased at the following locations:
Barnes & Noble

As an avid reader of Stephen King books, I really felt LC Cooper captured this writing style perfectly!
I give this book 5 STARS!!!!!
Enjoy Reading,

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