Monday, November 4, 2013

African Rough Gemstones by Ikem Onwude

African Rough Gemstones


AFRICAN ROUGH GEMSTONES by Ikem Onwude M.D. Gemstones are truly beautiful and have been very widely distributed by God to various nations of the world including Africa. These fascinating little treasures that add value to the owner are found in very unique unexpected areas and have been mined in Africa for several decades. African gemstones are truly beautiful! Have you ever looked at them and admired their true beauty?
The countries in Africa that are most endowed with these treasured natural precious materials, include: NIGERIA, KENYA, TANZANIA, ZAMBIA, MOZAMBUIQUE AND SENEGAL with Nigeria been the very most endowed as a little bit of most gemstones can be found here including Diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and ruby. read more...

Matt Dunkle has faceted gemstones for Dr. Ikem Onwude and are featured in this terrific article! Thank You Dr. Ikem Onwude for your wonderful partnership through out these many years!

Red-Orange Spessartite Garnet Before Cutting            Spessartite After Cutting By Matt Dunkle


Sapphire Gem Rough Before Cutting
Sapphire After Cutting By Matt Dunkle

Aquamarine Gem Rough Before Cutting
Aquamarine After Cutting By Matt Dunkle

All rough gemstone parcels shown are from Global Roughs, Dr. Ikem Onwude, Owner.






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