Sunday, August 5, 2012

Vintage style

Vintage style is comprised of gemstones that have been around for hundreds of years. These are "Family Heirlooms" that may or may not have been passed down in the generations. We have a collection of "Heirloom Gems" that have been passed down through our family and we hold them special. Sometimes these "Heirloom Gems" get cracked because of stability or because a problem area has not been cut out of it during initial cutting of the gemstone. Some of these have been chipped due to human neglect (I have done this with my spinel engagement ring) and it will need to be re-cut professionally. When working with an "Heirloom" it is important to decide whether or not you want this stone to look it's best or if you wish to keep the size, with all it's imperfections, intact and in the same setting or collection.

 Remember that, in re-cutting, your stone will loose size and weight because the problem area will have to be addressed. However this is totally your choice and you should have your cutter do a study/examination of your piece before any work is done on the piece/stone. You should be informed upfront exactly what will need to be done to your stone/piece to bring it back to perfection.
The plus side is great for having your "Heirloom Gem" re-cut. We are not just saying this because we cut gems, but the plus for re-cutting means your stone is back to it's best potential and perfection! Imagine, if you will, a stone that is cracked, is passed down through a family. It is set in a ring, but the stone is split in two. What can be done? Well, depending on the split, the "ring" stone, could be cut into two matching stones and set into earrings and the ring stone could be replaced; now making this piece a set.

Keep a record with your piece that is informative for the next generation or customer if you intend to sell the piece/stone. It is important that if the original stone has been cut, the original size and shape be listed, the origin of the stone, year it was given, and approximate value are noted. A guess is better than nothing and can help the next owner have a bit of history on the stone. "I received this ring with this oval deep red garnet for my 17th Birthday in 1982. It was handed down from my Grandmother Pawlick and she received it from her mother Great Grandma Bennett. This oval gemstone has slight scratches on the crown and is in need of fixing." and then something like this, "Matt A Dunkle, Facetor, has re-cut this crown on 12/12/2011 and it is now a Standard Round Brilliant, has had the crown fixed, and a chip removed from the side, that was not visible until the gem was removed from the setting. The piece was still able to be set back into the original ring and the estimated value is $750.00. My Grandmother Marion Constance Bennette Pawlick said that her mother, Great Grandma Bennette, gave this ring to her on her 17th Birthday in 1926, in Newark, New Jersey. The piece came from a local jeweler. It is a white gold & yellow gold ring setting and a 2.05/1.63ct stone.(reflecting the beginning cut carat weight and the ending re-cut ct weight.) I have a note written in a special place/will of whom these pieces will be given to in the case of my death. This alleviates confusion and fighting over pieces in the family.

We have our collection in a bank safe deposit. This, for me, keeps them safe and damage free. I can access these "Family Heirlooms" as needed and keep them in good condition for the next generation. We hope you enjoyed this bit of information and maybe you can keep your pieces/stones easily organized for yourself and your descendants!! Happy August!
Blessings, CJ & Matt Dunkle Custom Gem Cutter Creations

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