Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hammer Silver with "Creative Anger"

Emoti -AngerOften  I have gotten great pieces of jewelry from expending my "Creative Anger" out on silver pieces or wire. With just a small flat hammer, round tip hammer or dies for marking, many neat designs can be made.
My hammer has flat & dome sides.
Hook and Clasp Jewelry Making Project

I like to make clasps and flatten only the rounded parts leaving the raised parts for extra texture. I use a rig made from a wooden peg box. This is a simple block of wood with holes drilled half way down through it and  added pegs cut from a long dowel rod in the desired width of your clasp.
here is a great demo on: How to make clasps.   this is for the clasp above.  used on a Wigjig.

I use a small block of metal. Quite heavy, but it is the only thing that won't break under the  weight of my hammering (*banging...says Matt). Metal to metal is very loud, so I suggest working outdoors when possible, or when the house it empty!!

This is just a quick explanation of what I like to do and ways I use my "Creative Energy". I have to say, I don't get angry like the little guy from Swarovski, Anger,Emoti -Anger

 but if I did, maybe my hair would stay curled longer :D  Enjoy your day!! CJD.Sign~

How to make clasps:
Emoti -Anger:

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