Saturday, July 14, 2012

 A wonderful invite for our business  to be featured on Keaki Designs! We are so privileged to be one of the featured Artisan Members! Thank You Kri!

 Kri of Keaki Designs:
Hello Fellow Artisan Member of Checked In Today, I am Kri from Keaki Designs and I am wondering if I could feature you in my blog for my Artist Feature Weekly post that I will be starting up on the 16th of this month. Each artist will be posted once a week which means each week there will be only one post about only one artist with pictures of their art if you allow me to post them and talk about them. Also will be linking to your shop and to the items that I will be talking about. Also, if you allow me to please tell me about yourself, your business and anything else you would like to share and everything that you mentioned to me will be put into the blog post about the featured artist. The name of the blog is: Keaki Designs Jewelry Link: Once I have written a blog about you as a featured artist I will send you a message right away tell you and giving you a link to your post about yourself if you allow me to do a feature. :) Many thanks, Kri Keaki Designs

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Our Response:

  • CustomGemCutterCreations
  • Subject: re: Artist Feature

Matt & CJ started the CustomGemCutter in 2007. Matt had been cutting for 28 years prior by word of mouth and magazine adds. CJ helped with the internet and bringing CustomGemCutterCreations into a combined Studio of Matt's Faceted Gemstones & Jewelry, Rough Gemstones, Cutting Services, Gemstone Repair & Gemstone Sourcing.
And as designers, CJ likes to create jewelry unique to each piece. Matt likes to have the stone dictate the design and use as much of the stone as possible, making the best design for the stone. His designs are not published yet, but that is on the "todo" list!

With the ArtFire Studio, CustomGemCutterCreations, we also have Gemstones & Jewelry from other Countries around the World. GemsnJewelsofJaipur is in Jaipur, India and they handcraft Kundan Meena, Indian Painted, Geode & Agate, Sterling Silver and Gemstone handmade Jewelries. Gems n Jewels of Jaipur

CustomGemCutterCreations has Natural Gemstones from Nigeria, Africa with Masco Gems LLC., Nigeria/USA. We deal in Rough Gemstones & Cut Gemstones from overseas and with Matt's Professional Precision Faceting these are sold in the USA.
We have cut gemstones & rough gemstones available Now! And more coming each month!

We have a Co-Op of cutters that have come together for their cutting services. We have requests from customers that are posted for these cutters to CustomGemCutter Co-Op Members to fulfill. Which brings me to a cute story of one cutting job having 10 or more cutters that put contacts out for the job. This customer called us saying she'd not had so much great response and information about gemstones ever and was happy to have found us to help in her project. And the project was a beautiful success!

SaMi 2 yrs, posing in light box

We have a kitten, SaMi, who loves gemstones. When he was just weeks old, Matt placed SaMi behind the facting machine, on the table while he worked cutting gemstones. As SaMi grew, he sometimes reach out with his paw onto the spinning wet lap and then flick water at Matt. He started sitting on the stones we were photographing, and would literally "steal" for himself, stones left overnight on the table. SaMi also likes Matt's loope; the little magnifying tool that is used for looking at gemstones & diamonds. And nightly, SaMi steals the loope for himself.

We truly enjoy the businesses we are in and Thank God for the blessings we receive! Helping customers with their specific needs, cutting, repairing, sourcing, rough stone projects, are what we look forward to each day!

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